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Chances are you have come here seeking answers and help when certain things in life are just not working and you know intuitively the time is right for change. For thousands of years people have been seeking help from alternative medicines and therapies for a wide range of causes stemming from the everyday ailment to the deeper causes of emotional distress.

How can azure help…

azure offers the following therapies individually or in combination depending upon your individual needs. No matter what your personal challenge is, we can help lead you forward using one of our principal therapies:

Parts Field Therapy (PFT)
- A revolutionary method of dealing with trauma or unresolved emotions trapped within the bodies internal and external parts. We work on clearing negative emotions held within parts of the body and removing blocks to healing through the body’s own energy field.
Thought Field Therapy (TFT)
- A drug-free technique which taps into the body's energy to deliver powerful healing information aiding your bodies own natural internal healing system. A uniquely rapid and powerful tool ideally suited to a client's busy lifestyle.
Hypnotherapy - One of the world's oldest and most successful mind management techniques, a powerful non-invasive treatment for a wide range of anxieties, phobias and behavioural issues.


Reiki - A traditional form of healing from the East in which the energy surrounding each client can be accessed and successfully employed to provide relief from both physical and mental conditions.

Negative Energy Release Therapy - Is especially helpful for unusual and inexplicable physical, mental or spiritual conditions and unexplained changes in behaviour.

Ancestral Healing
- Clearing ones ancestral blocks. The concept behind this form of healing is based on the principle of clearing traumas, problems or strong types of behaviour that have occurred and been passed along the ancestral line. The energy from past negative experience gets passed on to future generations.
Azure's aim is to be a 'centre of health and wellbeing'
for complementary therapy.

We at azure therapies believe a person must first feel safe within their body and environment in order to move from a place of fear to one of healing.

We can help you free yourself from Chronic fatigue, Pain Management, Anxiety, Stress, Post traumatic stress disorder, Panic attacks, Phobias & Fears, Compulsive Behaviours, Physical & Emotional Pain, Low Self-esteem, Weight loss, Stop Smoking,  Identifying & Neutralising Toxins, being a victim of crime, assault and much more…

 All clinics held in Chatham,  Kent.  Home visits can be arranged, also treatment by phone
0845 050 9677
Call or email for further details.

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